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Name: Maven Klint Huffman
Date of birth: November 26, 1976
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
College: Eastern Mennonite University
Studies: History and Politics
Hobbies: Baseball, Fitness, Pulling Pranks
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220 lbs
Wrestling Finishers: Halo DDT, Chin lock Backbreaker
World Wrestling Entertainment Career Highlights: Tough Enough 1 Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion (3), Eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble, Participated in Survivor Series 2005 Main Event.


Other Facts:
What is Maven's Date of Birth?: 11/26/1976
What is Maven's astrological sign?: Sagittarius
What is Maven's birthplace?: Crimora, Virginia
How long has Maven been in pro wrestling?: Since 2001
How many belts has Maven held?: He has been WWE Hardcore Champion 3 times.
What did Maven do before he became a professional wrestler?: He was a teacher at Twality Middle

Maven Huffman is originally from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Most know Maven and his charisma and personality from the first season of Tough Enough. He attended college at Eastern Mennonite University located in Harrisonburg, VA. Maven was inducted into the "Hall of Honor" for his play in the outfield where he made the All-Conference Team (97' & 98') two times.

Maven was very close to his aunt who he called "mom." His aunt has raised him since the age of 2 when both his parents were tragically killed in a car accident. She is the woman who we all know from TE1 who he visited in the hospital. She, Sherma Huffman, tragically passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2004.

In 1999, Maven moved to Portland, Oregon, to play baseball for the Aloha Knights. Having just 32 at bats , he came away with a .344 average. Maven was known by coaches and players to have a good mind set, and a strong athletically presence.

Shortly thereafter, Maven found his calling as a sixth-grade teacher. He taught at Twality Middle School in Oregon. While working there, he learned of the Tough Enough 1 casting special. Maven quit his job and headed out to Traxx to begin his WWE training in what would become only the beginning of his short but bright career.

The competition was good in Tough Enough, but once the big guys like Greg were out, Maven was left to battle it out with Chris and Josh. On the season finale of Tough Enough, the world found out who was the better man when the charismatic and athletic Maven Huffman walked away with the trophy and a WWE contract.

Shortly after, he would report to the Heartland Wrestling Association, a minor league division for the WWE. Maven would get his call to the big show soon after when he appeared on the October 1st Raw is War. While being interviewed by former Tough Enough trainer, Tazz, he was informed that he would have his very first match on Smackdown. Seconds later, Maven learned his opponent when Tazz himself attacked him from the back. So starts the career of Maven Huffman.

Since, Maven has realized his dream in being a WWE Superstar. He eliminated one of the biggest stars, the Undertaker, during the Royal Rumble in January. Later he would once again beat the Undertaker, via interference from The Rock, to win the WWE Hardcore Championship. Months later, Maven began to shine more and more throughout the rest of the superstars in the WWE. After being drafted 10th by Vince McMahon for the Smackdown! show, Maven has worked well in his singles matches and was in a tag team with his former trainer, Al Snow. Snow and Maven faced Billy & Chuck for the Tag Team Championship at Backlash and at Judgment Day.

In the middle of 2002, Maven's seemingly quick push came to a screeching halt when he broke his leg performing a baseball slide in a match with Christian. While it seemed to many as an injury that should take a few months, it took almost 3 times as long as expected due to chipped bone fragments from Maven's ankle which caused swelling and slowed his recovery.

That's not the only injury Maven would suffer. During a non-televised house show, Maven broke his elbow while performing a top rope crossbody. This injury would set him back severely for half the year. Luckily for Maven, his competitiveness and will to win helped him have a great comeback on Raw. It didn't take long to get noticed as Maven finally received a push in the last quarter of the year teaming with other "Anti-Evolutionists" and wreaking havoc on Raw. Maven even earned the right at Survivor Series to be General Manager of Raw for a month. Some will argue that this was the night Maven proved himself in the WWE. Not only was he extremely charismatic throughout the night, but he also did outstanding mic work that should have proved he was a "go-to" guy in the WWE. Maven even faced the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, in the main event nearly overcoming all odds to win the championship belt.

The next week on Raw, the fans were buzzing with excitement as they waited to find out exactly what Maven would do next after coming so close just a week ago. The WWE however, dropped the ball horribly, in Maven's return appearance. Instead of having Maven get a legitimate win or even turn him heel, they used his momentum to "put over" another talent named Gene Snitsky. Haven't heard of him? Exactly! Maven was black-balled by the WWE and forced to do in the industry what is called, a job, just to put over Gene Snitsky on Raw. It wouldn't be till the next week that the WWE finally heard the cry of the fans and decided to turn Maven heel. Though it was half-hearted, Maven made the best of the opportunity and started to shape his own heel character. This would all culminate to another PPV appearance for Maven at New Year's Revolution. Now a full fledged heel, Maven, instead of wrestling in his Intercontinental Championship match with Shelton Benjamin, decided he would cut a promo in front of the raucous crowd. He did just that and he garnered some of the loudest heel heat, or boos, that I have ever heard. He was by far the best mic performer of the night but again the WWE dropped the ball, having Maven get pinned twice in under a minute by the champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Things would go on like this for Maven over the next 6 months. Though he did get an opportunity at Tag Team Gold with his former partner Simon Dean, the WWE never gave the tag team a chance. It's pitiful considering a tag team by the name of "Murdoch and Cade" would eventually go on to win the belts instead. The pain would eventually end for Maven as Johnny Laurenitis, Talent Rep at WWE, finally decided to release Maven after nearly 5 years with the company. A lot can be said for Maven's run with the WWE. He broke ground in winning the Tough Enough Championship and setting the bar for future competitors. His charisma and athleticism are only surpassed by few, though he rarely got the chance to truly show what he was all about due to WWE's handling of his character. Maven also had one of the most incredible moments on Royal Rumble history when he eliminated The Undertaker, shocking the world and live audience. He would also go on to win the Hardcore Championship three times, including one via a defeat against the Undertaker on SmackDown!.

Maven now embarks a new chapter in his life. He has decided to pursue an acting career and has already taped Season 6 of "The Surreal Life." Maven still has the "itch" to wrestle and may again one day, possibly with NWA - Total Nonstop Action, the competitive product against WWE. Many are already liking his odds in Hollywood however, especially now that ground has been broken by The Rock, a man that many compared Maven with during his WWE tenor, both because of look, style and charisma. One thing is for certain though, whether its in wrestling or acting, Maven is still "living his dream" and loving it everyday. 2001-2005 All Rights Reserved.